All PC characters are pre-gen for the first three games. After which the players may choose to keep their pre-gen character or make a new character of their choosing. All races and classes will be open for the players choosing.

WARNING: The campaign is being held in a human city. Though Freeport is diverse enough of a city that some, not all, races are permited in its gates; some districts are not as kind as others. Most of the cities inhabitants do discriminate against “evil” races. Also, a choice of a new character will result in starting the game with ZERO xp.

NOTE: Each gender of the PC’s is male, this of course is subject to change which would then render a somewhat altered backround and name change. Character stats would remain the same. Also, their are only five PC’s listed. This of course is not the cap of players. This is just an ideal group in terms of survival.

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