Freeport Cencus:

As of 5267 AN;
  • Population: 60,000+

(Barbarian 1%, Dark Elf 0.1%, Dwarf 2%, Gnome 3%, Erudite 2%, Half-Elf 7%, Halfling 5%, High Elf 6%, Human 69%, Ogre 0.5%, Troll 0.2%, Wood Elf 4%)



Often known as “The City of Valor”, though those days have long past. Current day Freeport is that of crime and violence. Many are warned to watch for not only the roaming gangs, conniving crooks, but even the militia. Amongst the traders and every day passer byer, the city is often refered to as “The City of A Thousand Allies”. Freeport is the largest city in all of Norrath. It is on the trade routes of all merchant travelers rather by land, sea, or sky. The city is also the most diverse of all cities on Norrath. Majority of races are permited into the gates, even ones thatt would be considered evil.

History(5210 AN – present):

The city of Freeport was once a peaceful city lead by The Council of Seven. The members of The Council of Seven were determined by The Church of Marr and The Knights of Truth; in which they would seek guidance from the twin gods Erollisi Marr and Methanial Marr. Chapels were set up all over the city to pay homage to the twin gods. It was in this time, 5210 A.N., that a boy named Lucan D’lere was under rigorous training in The Knights of Truth. Upon completing his training, almost 10 years later, Lucan received his paladinship and was sent out of the city to defend the nearby villages from orc attack. Suddenly, the twin gods called to their people in Freeport and had them carry out a campaign against the undead foes to the east, deep inside the continent of Faydwar, a campaign known as The Crusade of Tears. A large portion of the two guilds, nearing ninety percent, left Freeport and the city was vulnerable to attack from its enemy’s. Upon Sir Lucan D’lere’s return, he seemed the only one strong enough to guide the city’s militia to make a stronger defense. So that being the case, The Council of Seven appointed Sir Lucan in charge of all the militiaman. Years went by and sadly the power and authority of the position held started to go to Sir Lucan’s head. Out of fear that one day the two guilds would return from there campaign to take their rightful places back. Sir Lucan was granted, from an unknown source, hundreds of militiaman with questionable backgrounds. Finally the day came were the two guilds did return, the day that burns in most Freeport citizens memory, which has been named “The Five Minute Battle”. Majority of The Freeport Militia rounded up on the docks and awaited their return. When the ships approached the docks the other powers of Freeport joined the militia to make sure the shady soldiers kept their blades sheathed. The forces of good stood toe to toe with the massive army of the Freeport militia. Though no sword was drawn and no spell was cast; “The Five Minute Battle” ended with The Church of Marr and The Knights of Truth being escorted back to The Hill. For the next ten years, Sir Lucan “The Tyrant” D’lere has held a militant grip onto the prime authority of Freeport.

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