Belhorn Songsteel

Class: Rogue

Race: Human


A roughian, a hooligan, and a bully. All these describe thhe characteristics of Belhorn as a child. Born in the Dockside district of Freeport, these traits were necessary for a chance to get ahead. In Belhorn’s case they were also a means of survival. In 5259 AN, a local Dockside gang that some say had ties to The Underground, terrorized the local common folk into giving up coin. Known for their muggings, they realy only held dominence is what would be a spec from a birds eye view of Dockside. Belhorn Songsteel was born in the dead center of this gangs territory and it would seem to a child that this tyranny was the only way to make it. As a young lad, against his parents wishes, Belforn ran with this local gang, simply known as FPP or Freeport Possy. He would learn to do odd jobs such as picking pockets, picking locks, or just harrasing the homeless for their chicken feed. In 5269 AN, the gang started showing signs of loss of control and in turn, a higher authority steped in. The run of the mill street crimes became more violent, which included larson and even murder. With a guily conscious Belforn tried to back out. The new leader behind the shadows feared a rat, so the gang turned on Belforn and went after his family. His father, a local hunter, named Iannan Songsteel and his mother Brethana Songsteel died in their house during a robbery, the burglers burned the remains. Completely broken, the young Belhorn sought homage in the Temple of Marr. He aided in which ever way he could in order to repent for his sins. With vengeance cast aside and a clear mind to operate on, Belhorn left the temple, to begin life again with a clean slate.

Age: 18

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Belhorn Songsteel

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